Antique Handcrafted Brass Mini Working Hand Pump

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Here’s Why You’ll Love ❤️ This:

1. This shiny Attractive decorative showpiece enhance the beauty of your home
2. These items have an antique elegant design that gives addition to your home decor or can be used for the decoration of Restaurants, Shops, Business Places

3. Made with utmost care to give classy look, which makes it an attractive showpiece
4. Decorative Hand Pump made of brass is a perfect gift for people who love to collect small and antique articles.
5. Specialty: Brass Handpump Showpiece

6. Our aim is to conserve handicrafts of old times.
7. We support the artisans and craftsperson.

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  • Package Content: 1 Mini Handpump
  • Product Dimensions: LxBXH: Length = 12.7 CM*7.4 CM*1.6 CM
  • Color: Gold
  • Theme: Vintage
  • Material: Brass


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